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Brian Todd profiles George Zimmerman’s defense attorneys, Don West and Mark O’Mara. More from CNN at


  1. Laceydog

    I DO NOT like this judge. It is the height of disrespect to walk out when
    the lawyers are addressing you. Shame on her. As far as George Zimmerman is
    concerned? Insufficient evidence.

  2. Blobslime29

    Zimmerman is innocent that black kid would of thought he was hard and then
    threatened him so he capped his black ass

  3. LemanRussMBT

    I love how forensic evidence is with Zimmerman, and the other guy was a

  4. KevZen2000

    The reason why Zimmerman is justified, is because when a person attacks
    you, and you are in endangered for your life, regardless if you started the
    attack or not, you have the legal right to use firearms to defend yourself.
    The problem was Martin should have walked away, then Zimmerman would have
    not been justified within the stand your ground law.

  5. beiyan2123

    this should not be about racial or black v white

  6. Firstame LastN ame

    It should be about the career enjoyed by this dashing urbanite who died.
    Was he a brain surgeon, venture capitalist, engineer, doctor, or just a
    punk on welfare? No mention of race in the aforementioned text.

  7. Polydynamix

    Why would you testify? lol. You’re not involved in this trial at all,
    you’re just some angry kid on the internet crying for attention. Testifying
    really won’t be necessary considering no one on this planet gives a shit
    about your scared sniveling opinion. You already sounded stupid, are you
    sure you want to add desperate to that? I’m afraid you entered into a
    battle of wits ridiculously ill equipped.

  8. Tony Micel

    zimmermans lawyer to the left can really put a juror and audience to sleep.
    he gonna b found guilty. the high profile case is what’s gonna convict him.
    jurors know if they aquit theyll b posting open season on the N word. he
    just gonna get like 6-7 year’s. youll c

  9. Lorraine Dalu

    The race card strategy rarely fails in court. It worked for O.J. and will
    probably nail Zimmerman as a “racist” attacking the underprivileged
    innocent black youth. Race should have nothing to do with this case but
    this is modern America where it pays to be black regardless of the facts.
    May God have mercy on Zimmerman here.

  10. tweker69

    he wont make it out cause he will never get put their. INNOCENT BABY…

  11. Danny Irv

    tweker69 he’ll gunned down in the street like the dog he is

  12. oduvanchikk

    Thanks CNN. I was wondering about the attorneys’ bio.

  13. Jack Burton

    Laws, politics and the quality of the people differ from state to state. If
    the Zimmerman case happened in California, he likely would have been found

  14. joillusions9

    RAJ, Rajan, The Indian man is wearing a wig.. and George Zimmerman looks

  15. Official Chair Tester

    Trayboon is still dead and Zimmy is free to live his life, enjoy! Bon
    Appetit that, you shithead.

  16. Kevin Carey

    Don West is the one who KNOCKS!

  17. dantemike1

    That guy cannot be Zimmerman–CNN insisted for two days that Zimmerman was
    a white man.

  18. MCKozume

    And he’s white skinned. “but no he’s LATINO” Grats you revealed you’re
    ignorant of Spanish culture, there’s latinos of every color of the damn

  19. invaliduser1000

    this Florida is one fucking country I ain,t ever going too,


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